Finding the Elephant in the room

This week’s class was a very interesting one. We had 3 different activities that were conducted in the class. This class was an interactive and very energetic one.

The first activity was a piece of paper which had 30 circles in it. The task was to draw whatever that comes to mind on the paper with those circles. The first thing I could think of was to draw emoji in the first circle. The most favourite emoji of mine.😋 And the moment I drew that I really felt so dumb of myself to think in such a way. Then two circles looked like a week of a bike and joined them to create a sports bike. I drew a football and a flower and then the time was up. Because of this exercise, I feel like my creativity is so limited, I need to think of weird ideas and imagine a little differently from what I’m doing now.

The second activity was to find a problem in the number of existing products. This task was a group task, where I met few new people of my class. They had very different approach to finding a solution. The task had a number of pictures on the screen, from which we were to select any two and find the problem in it and also provide a solution to it. My group decided to select the ice cream cone and the coffee holder. We first begin with the ice cream cone. Everyone in the group started to give out ideas on how an extension can be added in order to avoid the melted ice cream to mess your hand. I thought of changing the design of the cone instead of adding a plastic cup to avoid it. The cone would have a little outer cone to collect the melted ice cream which would, in the end, can be eaten away. This would not create any more waste plastic and would be user and eco-friendly.

The third task was to find a problem from the images shown. The images were about the beach. The images described how people had to carry all the beach items and how difficult it was to carry them. Our group came up with a solution where we wanted to set up a Convair belt for ease of transfer of luggage from parking to the shore. The second idea was to create a portable box which had sledges, the box can be easily pulled on the sand. Now that I think of the problem, I feel like there is actually no problem in this. People go to beaches with family and friends. People can share the weight and would not actually get burdened by just one person carrying everything. This would be a great way of spending some quality time with them.

All the tasks we do in class leave a very strong impact on me. They make me think in the way I would never dare to. The ideas I listen from my acquaintances sometimes blow my mind. The professor relates the concepts with some real time examples and shares his personal experiences which really adds value to our class.


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