Why go to the Mars? Let us move to the waters!

 As we look around, we can find that everything other than nature is man-made. In this age of evolving technology, you are surrounded by man made inventions and innovations. From the alarm you use to wake up in the morning to the bed you sleep at night are all human designed in order to make one’s life easier.

As we all know that earth consists of 71% water and 29% of the land. The increase in population has increased the demand of land for various purposes such as living, trading, industrialisation and other purposes. The 29% of the land is not enough for our needs to be taken care of.

The scientists have started various space missions in order to look for the traces of life on other planets. They have been launching multiple satellites, deploying various drones and sending astronauts for research to find the existence of life on other planets. One of the reason is that our natural resources are on a verge of extinction.

While we continue looking for life on other planets, human should start utilising the river shore areas. Sounds impossible right? let us have an imaginative approach to what I’m trying to relay.

How about building huge frameworks to support the structure on the river shore. By doing this we try to create space in the area which cannot be used. Increase the area gradually by not affecting the marine life and not polluting the river. As the technology is evolving it is easier to work under water now. We can start creating structures in the water and start utilising it for different purposes.

This will not solve the problem of scarcity of land but might ease up a little.