Reflection on the Previous Blog.

This week I was awe struck by the clarity of what needs to be blogged. The previous blog was so embarrassing that I’d love to delete it but I believe that it is going to remind me how dumb ideas I could actually get.

This weeks design class was very interesting because we had an in-depth understanding of what design thinking is. I liked the concept of divergent thinking which is to look at a problem from the outer side or simply it is to be above the problem instead of being inside it.

Until today I use to get tangled in the problem and look for a solution, while the divergent thinking illuminated a new way to solve a problem. It is good to not get tangled in the problem and keep a broader perspective in finding a solution.

The problem I’m facing currently is to design a poster for my Assessment 1. The problem was not being able to find enough content to create the poster, as the topic is design thinking. My understanding was limited to design thinking process, which made me kept tangled in the problem. But the poster can contain more than the design thinking process which I’ve to make a detailed research on.

I’m looking forward to the week 12 blog of mine to see what growth and development do it brings in me.